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Melissa C.

Hello! I can't wait to see what else is in store. I'm a busy full time mom, employee and wife with lots of prior experiences to process and let go of. Who knew this could be so effective and so efficient!?Truly exciting!

In This FREE eBook,

I'll show you...

What Emotional Freedom is and why it's vital

How lack of Emotional Freedom is negatively impacting you

What personal challenges to focus on for the greatest boost and results

My practices to shift from Overwhelmed to Empowered and be Emotionally free

and you'll receive...

5 minute EFT video tapping sessions to release the negative emotions that make you feel stressed and overwhelmed so you can enjoy greater peace, clarity and joy! Just press play!

5 Minute Quiz to determine where you are in need of greater emotional freedom so you'll know where your efforts should be concentrated and how to go about creating that positive change!

5 Minute Scribing Exercises to understand how your emotions from you past, present and future concerns are affecting you in each moment of your day to day life.

Inside is everything necessary to understand Emotional Freedom, Understand Where you are Lacking it, See where a Boost would serve you the greatest and begin efficiently and effectively getting unblocked and unstuck in ways you've never experienced before!

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Hi, I'm Theresa Lear Levine

Hi! I'm Theresa Lear Levine and I help women get free from their negative and limiting thoughts, patterns, feelings and behaviors so that they can be emotionally free!

But, it wasn't terribly long ago that I had ZERO understanding of the value or meaning of Emotional Freedom or Why I Needed it in my Life so Badly.. I want to save you from that because knowledge is really powerful in this area!

I used to be totally STUCK in my day to day life. I always felt stressed and anxious, I didn't sleep well, I was exhausted from my runaway thoughts and the way things played out in my head and I felt like I so much less happy and fulfilled than I wanted to be. I also suffered from lingering physical pains and daily discomforts that wouldn't budge.

Can you relate?

My own personal experiences and pains guided me to solutions that have helped myself and hundreds of women I've worked with to attain the kind of emotional freedom and release that once seemed impossible! It gave me a proven way to stop buying into lies and negative beliefs about myself, gain clarity, calm down or get ahead in the things I set out to do. What a breath of fresh air!

I put some of these important lessons into this free self discovery ebook so you can benefit as well. Without it, the chaos, stress, anxiety and feelings of being out of alignment with your best self continue...

With it, you'll have the keys to creating the peace, clarity and positive energy you so desire in your life...

Are you excited yet!? Let's get discovering!

xx Theresa Lear Levine

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